Research and Development

Older Riesling grapevine badly infected with crown gall disease caused by pathogenic Agrobacterium vitis

Bio-Care was re-registered in Australia in 2014 to position ourselves as a commercial partner to innovative technology targeting biocontrol of crown gall disease in grapevines.

The world-acclaimed leader of this research, Professor Tom Burr at Cornell University, Ithaca NY, has focused his teams’ investigations on the development of an effective agent to control this devastating disease frequently affecting grafted and other propagation stock in grapevines nurseries.

This disease is a huge global problem for this industry and, unfortunately, involves a variant of crown gall disease not controllable with the active ingredient in NOGALL.

Bio-Care has optioned a technology to target this new variant and is excited about this opportunity which will certainly compliment our involvement in the distribution and marketing of NOGALL globally.

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