Bio-Care Technology is dedicated to the promotion of biological control agents that target plant pathogens that cause the cancerous disease called crown gall.

It is our mission to help plant propagators and orchardists understand and combat crown gall with the help of what nature has provided, antagonistic bacteria that fight infections from the crown gall-causing, ubiquitous, pathogenic agrobacteria.   This website provides extensive information on the disease crown gall, the history, science of development and benefits of the commercial use of NOGALL, a biological control agent that targets and prevents infections by pathogenic agrobacteria in certain host crops.

Owner and CEO of Bio-Care Technology, Gary Bullard, has been involved with NOGALL and other bacterial and fungal-based biocontrol agents since  1977.  Gary is passionate about helping nurseries, orchardists and other horticulturalists combat the devastating impact of crown gall disease through the use of this unique and highly successful biological control agent.

Bio-Care takes pride in our position of being the exclusive, global distributor and marketer of NOGALL through a licensing agreement with BASF Australia, Ltd.

Crown Gall

Crown gall is a cancerous disease of many dicotyledonous plants that is caused by five main groups of soil and plant-inhabiting, ubiquitous, pathogenic agrobacteria:  Agrobacterium tumefaciens (biovar1),  Rhizobium rhizogenes (formerly Agrobacterium radiobacter and A. rhizogenes)(biovar2),  A. vitis (biovar3),  R. rubi (formerly A. rubi) and A. larrymoorei.  These bacteria are present in most agricultural soils and cause disease that affect plants in nurseries, landscapes, vineyards and orchards worldwide.

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Each 250g (8.8oz) pack of NOGALL product contains a pure culture of a minimum of 250 billion viable cells of the non-pathogenic soil bacterium Rhizobium rhizogenes (formerly Agrobacterium radiobacter), strain K1026, contained in a pre-sterilised, microfine peat medium.  Strain K1026 cells can colonise wounded plant tissue and block infections by the predominant crown gall-causing pathogenic agrobacteria that infect nut trees (almonds, walnuts, etc), stone fruit trees (peach, plum, apricot, cherry, etc), roses, euonymus, several caneberries and many other horticultural crops.

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Research and Development

 was re-registered in Australia in 2014 to position ourselves as a commercial partner to innovative technology targeting biocontrol of crown gall disease in grapevines. The world-acclaimed leader of this research, Professor Tom Burr at Cornell University, Ithaca NY, has focused his teams’ investigations on the development of an effective agent to control this devastating disease frequently affecting grafted and other propagation stock in grapevines nurseries.  This disease is a huge global problem for this industry and, unfortunately, involves a variant of crown gall disease not controllable with the active ingredient in NOGALL.  Bio-Care has optioned a technology to target this new variant and is excited about this opportunity which will certainly compliment our involvement in the distribution and marketing of NOGALL globally.